Selling a Solar Home

Effectively Market a
Home with Solar Panels

Listing your property with a real estate broker who specializes in solar homes guarantees that the alternative energy benefits of your home will be marketed effectively. We have owned a solar home and can help find the right broker for you.

Solar home

6 Tips for Selling a Solar Home

Keep it Simple

A potential buyer is likely not as familiar with the terminology as you are.

Educate the Buyer

Create materials for showings that clearly explain the benefits of the systems, the cost savings, and any maintenance required.

Market the Property

Buyers are paying 10 to 14% more for houses with Green Certifications.

Explain the Savings

Show potential buyers the benefits of the system in clear language on percentage savings on electric bills.

Transfer the Contract Simply

This is the only real sticking point in solar transfers. If a lease is involved, find out ahead of time what is required to easily transfer it to the new buyer. Is qualification necessary?

Work with a Green Certified Professional

The most important step is to have guidance from a real estate professional who is Green certified and experienced. Contact us to get the help you need.

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